• Harvest Installations have over 30 years experience in providing high quality and cost effective solutions to farmers all over the UK.
  • From fans and burners to complete store design and installation.
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SMS Alert System


  • Reporting directly to up to four mobile phone numbers. Daily status, equipment failure reports, site power failure reports and updates on store drying conditions.
  • Even request a report by texting the system from your phone!
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Tunnels & Walling

  • Fabricated from hot rolled steel section the Harvest frames provide exceptional strength and rigidity
  • Built to handle not only high storage loads, but in addition to accept the loads imparted from the travel and action of the Harvest Maxi Stirrer.
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Harvest Maxi-Stirrer

  • From complete installation of tunnel, floor and Stirrer, to updating existing drying equipment to achieve the high drying rates possible with a Harvest Maxi Stirrer.
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Constant Humidity Controller

  • A Harvest Constant Humidity Controller (CHC) gives you guaranteed drying conditions, 24/7
  • Efficient and economic with thousands of units in use on all combinable crops and onions stores nationwide.
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Guaranteed drying performance, turning your bulk store into an efficient, accurate drying system.


Available with ‘standard’, ‘downdraught’ and upward facing outlets, they can be used in a variety of applications


Accurately controlled, constant humidity, regardless of ambient humidity, temperature changes or back pressure.


A range of control systems are available and provide an easy to use solution to modern crop drying.