Monthly Archives: April 2012

Harvest Installations introduce ‘Store Alert System’

With the ever increasing size of storage and drying facilities and high demand on labour during Harvest and the drying season it has become apparent that some form of automatic information and warning system would be advantageous. Increasing energy costs also make it essential that drying and conditioning takes place as...
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Reduce Grain Drying Energy Costs

With ever increasing fuel costs it is even more important to dry grain as efficiently as possible. For many years now the proven system of humidity control in bulk stores has seen drying change from a lengthy hit and miss system completely dependant on weather conditions during the drying period,...
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Harvest Installations open additional premises

Harvest Installations from Faversham Kent have opened a satellite branch at Bury St. Edmunds. When fully operational it will provide a local service to one of the prime arable areas of the UK which uses a substantial number of the products made by the company. A comprehensive range of spares...
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