Constant Humidity & Temperature Control Systems

The Harvest Constant Humidity Controller (CHC) gives you guaranteed drying conditions, 24hrs a day, every day.

The CHC system has a proven record of accuracy, efficiency and economy with thousands of units in use on all combinable crops and onions stores nationwide.
With a range of sizes from 200,000 to 4,000,000BTU/hr all using the same plate type burner head, independent burner fan and up to date electronics and controls, they have proved themselves for over 30 years.

Fan performance is critical to the efficiency, low power consumption and low running noise of Harvest CHC units. The fans are carefully matched to each model in the range to achieve these goals.

Harvest’s own designed and manufactured plate type burner head gives maximum output in a compact design, combined with highly efficient use of available fuel.

Accuracy is everything
The CHC control electronics are mounted in our purpose built housing. Incorporating a large display and simple controls for easy setting of the CHC unit.

The across the range control system modulates 7 stages of heat output to control store relative humidity or temperature. Levels of accuracy and performance as verified by independent testing bodies ensured efficient controlled drying without the fear of overdrying.

British built to British standards
All Harvest equipment and components are manufactured to current regulations and each CHC unit carries the CE mark. Factory testing of every burner before packing and delivery ensures performance and safety from the very start.

High capacity
Onion conditioning and storage has meant the development of Harvest high capacity burners. Often assembled in multiples of two or three burners to accommodate the high airflows required.
Harvest CHC units can be supplied on one off specially designed and built support frames to allow ideal positioning on these oversize installations.

High heat output but with accurate and efficient control from the sensors placed in the main air tunnel. The combination that gives the majority of UK onion growers the confidence to use Harvest CHC burners for all their drying and conditioning needs.

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