Harvest Installations provide control units for a wide range of applications from programmable stirrer systems to alert systems.

Below are just a selection of the type of solutions we can provide for your store:

Fan Control Panels

Harvest fan control panels have been designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind. Designed and built to latest regulations, they come with master switch, fan selector switching, heater sockets wired to each bank of fans and indicator lights. Linking heater operation directly to relevant fans means safety and economy, isolating the burner should a fan stop unintentionally.

SMS Store Alert

24 Hour monitoring of your Constant Humidity Controllers, with text alerts for any interruption in efficient drying. Single, double and treble burner sets all easily monitored. Multi-burner sets at same location can be easily incorporated to give complete farm coverage with minimal capital cost.
Reporting directly to up to four pre-programmed mobile phone numbers, the HARVEST SMS ALERTS system will send a text message giving a daily status text and respond immediately to report any burner problem or site power failure.
Full status messages can also be requested at any time from any phone via text commands.
Optional temperature sensors can be added to the HARVEST SMS ALERTS system. Up to eight sensors can be added to keep a watching eye on store conditions. Alternatively, a single sensor can be used to monitor ambient conditions and alert when optimal cooling conditions are available.
Minimal installation and easy set-up from any mobile phone. Pay as you go, or contract SIM means cheap cover for as long as required with a provider that works where you do.

Store Monitoring

Harvest Store Monitor uses the latest wireless sensor technology to keep track of any parameters that the modern farmer could use. Ambient, tunnel and grain air temperatures and humidity can all be recorded and viewed at the click of a mouse. Grain store conditions can be viewed over any ventilation cycle to plan optimum ventilation and drying.

In hot air on floor drying systems where a Harvest Maxi Stirrer is used the sensors can be mounted out of reach of the stirrer augers to give the best nominal indication of the crop condition. In traditional stores, multiple sensors can give highly detailed results in minutes. The system can be integrated with the Harvest Store Alert System to give true peace of mind.

Advanced Controller

Used to optimize cooling in the grain store by sampling ambient air conditions and running the fans only when conditions are correct. The unit will start the cooling fans every 2 hours for 5 minutes, allowing accurate temperature / relative humidity measurement, and continue to ventilate until conditions are unsuitable for effective cooling.

CHC Control

The CHC control system is conveniently housed under a protective lid. It incorporates a large digital display showing humidity or temperature levels. A computerised programme of heat output relevant to ambient humidity gives you a very accurate control system that’s been verified by independent assessors. This system is common to all CHC models.

Programmable stirrer

The development of new technologies and affordability of equipment means Harvest Installations are able to investigate and implement new control systems into their range. PLC control allows monitoring of machine speeds, installation of contactless controls and programming of equipment, thus reducing the workload on the farmer.

Machines that know the correct starting and stopping positions and timing and intelligent monitoring to minimize store losses, damage and costs are all being examined and developed. The push to provide the best product, backed up by our own high levels of service are at the forefront of Harvest Installations Future.

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