Harvest Installations introduce ‘Store Alert System’

With the ever increasing size of storage and drying facilities and high demand on labour during Harvest and the drying season it has become apparent that some form of automatic information and warning system would be advantageous.
Increasing energy costs also make it essential that drying and conditioning takes place as efficiently as possible.

The simple ‘Store Alert System’ can be programmed to inform the operator should any malfunction occur such as fans or humidity controllers shutting down wireless sensors would immediately send a text message with this information also a daily text will be sent to the customers phone giving readings of store conditions.

The system can also be upgraded to provide detail information from a number of sensors for instance in a bulk store drying with temperature and stirring system:- Ambient Humidity and ambient temperature, Duct temperature humidity and pressure, also air temperature and humidity leaving the crop and crop temperature.

Where Broadband is available constant downloading of information takes place which can be viewed on a dedicated website with graphs of readings from all sensors. If constant download is not required the system will automatically update every two hours during the day and then in the morning information will be sent giving current store conditions. Any alarm systems operating from these sensors will immediately notify the customer 24hours a day by text message.

At the moment there is no grain moisture reading but it is obvious from the air humidity readings ( both duct humidity and humidity of air leaving the crop) when drying is taking place from experience the operator should be able to decide when moisture samples need to be taken. The system will also indicate the most cost effective and quickest method of drying also check the accuracy of humidity and temperature controllers in the store. During periods of long term storage it will indicate any temperature rise within the crop that needs to be dealt with.

A copy of the Harvest SMS Alert System leaflet can be downloaded from here.