The Harvest Maxi-Stirrer System

Harvest Maxi Stirrers are at the heart of the Harvest High Temperature Drying System. Built into new high tech crop stores they offer high drying rates for all combinable crops.

System design matches fans to the Harvest CHC, tunnel size and stirrer capacity to suit the small batch drying system to the largest crop stores with multiple drying systems under one roof.
Harvest’s policy of design, installation, commissioning and maintenance ensures accurate trouble free drying, with the backup to match.

Almost all existing crop storage buildings can be fitted with the Harvest Maxi stirrer. From complete installation of tunnel, floor and Stirrer, to updating existing drying equipment to achieve the high drying rates possible with a Harvest Maxi Stirrer.

The relative low outputs of traditional Scottish tray dryers has been transformed with the addition of the Harvest Maxi Stirrer and high output CHC burners. Large batches can now be dried and cooled in much shorter times, more accurately and more efficiently. Systems can be designed into new build, or existing drying can be upgraded.

Harvest Maxi Stirrer uses a positive four wheel drive system for reliable trouble free travel of the stirrer along the store. Geared motor drive also gives cross travel.


  • Ease and speed of intake
  • No mechanical intake system running
  • The ability to move the crop with stirrers makes drying quicker and more cost effective enabling hot air to be used.
  • Large batches dried in situ with no more moving of crop until out loading the store

Stirrers ease the airflow through the grain, greater storage depths are possible giving more tonnes per floor area.
Also fan units can be smaller and of lower kW rating, airflow per tonne is greatly reduced compared with a static store. Condition of stored crop greatly improved as grain is moved and mixed giving even air flow and accurate drying also crop can be aerated quickly during long term storage.

Environmental advantages over static bulk store
Internal fan houses reduce noise levels and can be effectively silenced with internal cladding and acoustic inlet cowls. Also being within the building there are no vermin problems.
Greater storage depths and internal fan houses reduce the “footprint” of the store.
Positioning fans within the store gives lower external noise levels. Stirring equipment considerably reduces drying time leading to lower fan running hours and energy consumption.
Speed and ease of input into store means minimum time and labour during harvest period.
The reduction of fan size by 50% of that required in a static store means the electricity supply can be reduced.

Maxi-Stirrer for round silos

The Harvest Maxi-Stirrer for round silos consist of a box steel beam centrally pivoted from the silo roof and running on a track around the inside of the silo just below eaves height. Two down augers move in and out along the main beam as the whole assembly rotates anti-clockwise around the silo. A single drive unit powers both down augers and a fractional horse-power gearbox reduction drive powers the main beam. The Maxi-Stirrer is fully guarded to comply with current regulations and comes complete with rotary switch and all electrics.

Our awards

  • Silver Award Winner

    Winner of the R.A.S.E prestigious Silver Medal Award after appraisel by farmers. The machine was found to have important new features and outstanding advantages to users.
    Also awarded the Royal Highland New Implement Silver Award.

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