4000 Tonne Store Installation

One of the largest stores completed by Harvest Installations holds approx: 4000 tonnes with Maxi-stirrers both sides of the Harvest steel main air tunnel and storage at 14 foot (4.2m). Due to the length of the building it was decided to have fan houses at both ends, an internal fan room at the entrance end was used to keep the doors and concrete apron clear of any obstruction.

The store has drive over wooden flooring and concrete grain retaining wall.
Equipment for a complete new floor store in New Zealand is currently being manufactured ready for shipment. Maxi-stirrer, main air tunnel and burner units are going to join other CHC units which have been shipped during the last 12 months. We are fortunate in having a representative who had previous experience of selling and installing our equipment in the UK and is now using his expertise to introduce farmers over there to the benefits of using Harvest equipment.

Burner assembly has also started to fulfill existing orders and build up our usual stock for next season.
Burner service forms are sent out to existing customers to book a fixed price service on an annual basis. Maxi-Stirrer forms are also available. With the increasing number of both CHC’s and Maxi-stirrers in use an early start to servicing is important to enable all units to be inspected before next harvest. Any customers not receiving forms and wishing to book a service please contact the office or email us here.