Tunnels & Walling

Harvest Tunnel

Fabricated from hot rolled steel section the Harvest main air tunnel frames provide exceptional strength and rigidity. Built to handle not only high storage loads, but in addition to accept the loads created by the action of the Harvest Maxi Stirrer. Galvanized finish throughout ensures a long trouble free life with minimum maintenance.

Frame centres are set to an extremely economical 1220mm, meaning fewer frames per tunnel. Frames also align with most timber floor designs, and the full length air doors ensures uninterrupted airflow under the drying floor.

The low profile corrugated cladding is manufactured from high tensile pre-galvanized sheet to match the extended service life of the tunnel frames. These corrugations are designed to eliminate crop hang up and minimize dust traps.

Overall this tunnel has proven to be extremely durable over many years of service.

Our installation team can provide fast and efficient erection of all tunnel components ensuring a first class product finish to your grain store. Easy access tunnel doors are available to fit end plates or the load bearing side wall. Heavy duty galvanised steel ladders are purpose designed to fit easily into any store layout.

Specifically designed for use with the Harvest Maxi-Stirrer the tunnel is available with storage heights of 2.4m, 3.0m, 3.6m and 4.2m and width of 1219mm or 1524mm. All tunnels are complete with extended side panels above maximum storage height to prevent grain spillage onto walk way and angle stirrer track in lieu of hand rail, completing specification are resin bonded holding down bolts and mastic.

The strength of the Harvest main air tunnel makes installation of catenary cable supports simple and the strength of the main frames enables internal fan houses to be mounted directly onto the tunnel. The internal fan house simplifies the design and location of the building and the containment of fans, burners and acoustic inlet cowls enables noise to be reduced to acceptable levels. The design of the fan house means that single of multiple fans either centrifugal or axial can be used with space for humidity of temperature controlled Harvest Burners.

Main air tunnels used with stirring systems and the temperature method of drying can be internally insulated with foam giving a considerable reduction in energy required to give the necessary temperature lift.

A-Frame Walling

‘A’ frame walling is available, manufactured to the same specification as the tunnel, this enables dividing walls to be mounted directly to the building floor without the need for any stanchions set in the base.

This is mainly used to give partition walls to segregate crops or mount stirrers on exceptionally wide stores.

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